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Le site revient très bientôt!

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Bonjour & Bonne année à tous! Pour l’occasion, le site s’offre une toute nouvelle version! Merci à Extra Flaunt pour ce superbe design!

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Hello! I’m the new owner of this website, Gal Gadot Source will come back soon!
Bonjour! Je suis la nouvelle admin de ce site, Gal Gadot Source revient très bientôt!

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We’re back online here at Gal Gadot Online! I apologize for the month of inactivity as the site had some sort of error and we’ve finally retrieved it back. I’ve updated the site with a new theme as well for the comeback and you can check around for small updates here and there as well! I hope you enjoy your stay and be sure to check out our gallery for tons of photos of Gal!

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There hasn’t been many updates lately but I’ve decided to change the layout at Gal Gadot Online to a more spring/summer type. I hope you like it as well and if you see any problems or glitches please let me know. Thank you to Samantha for creating this wonderful layout for us.

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As you all know it’s Gal’s 29th birthday today! And if you didn’t know, you know now ;) Please tweet @galgadot your birthday wishes for her, I’m sure she’d appreciate and love it!! May her birthday be as special as she is and bring her much laughter, joy and love.

With much love,

Sandi (Admin @ Gal Gadot Online)

ps: we have also renovated our twitter to the new layout in celebration of Gal’s birthday! Follow us at @GalGadotOnline

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admin • 09.06.2013Comment?

Welcome everyone to Gal Gadot Online’s official relaunch! The site was being set up from July, and now we are finally all ready for opening.

With this said, we know have a photo gallery online for the site which contains all the Gal you need! We’re still working on filling in the missing gaps, so please be patient. If you see anything that we’re missing and you’d like to donate, then feel free to email us at staff[@] and full credit will be given!

In the meanwhile, the icon archive and the press section will be under construction and slowly filled out. I ensure you won’t be disappointed, and this site will provide you with everything you need to know about Gal.

A special thank you to Gertie for hosting us, and also thank you to everyone else who has made the site possible. I’m sure that would be all for now. If you’re interested in affiliation with the site, please head over and apply [here]. Also you can follow us on twitter at @galGadotOnline for updates and like your facebook fanpage [here] for updates as well.

Thank you!
Sandi @ Gal Gadot Online

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